Pissed need someone to talk to

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Anger can be an all-consuming emotion. How one manifests anger can take different forms. Some yell ; others go silent; still others freak out.

Pissed need someone to talk to

It may feel impossible to control. But, it can — and must be — understood and reconciled with. Anger, while necessary, does nothing but sow the seeds of discourse in relationships. There can, of course, be a wide variety of ways that we react to anger, many of which are harmful, either to ourselves or our loved ones. At best, they can do little to solve the problem and, at worst, they can create new problems.

It comes down to understanding, managing, and explaining your emotions. At the same time, anger serves an important role. As this is the case, Kountz recommends taking the time to identify the emotions within yourself that might be causing anger. People are often strangers to their own feelings, unable to process or even recognize their emotions and the things that trigger them. Ask yourself: What are the events or thoughts that are happening, both around me and within me, that might be making us feel anger more acutely? Understanding the mechanisms behind your anger allows you to have a better control of it later.

Granted, this is only really doable with hindsight. So, in the moment, how do you express to someone that you need to.

Pissed need someone to talk to

That said, stonewalling should be seen as a means of buying yourself some time to process emotions and gather yourself as opposed to a permanent anger-management solution. It is not one. Not at all. Constant stonewalling is extremely damaging, as it makes you ignore loved ones instead of finding proper ways to handle emotions. Anger is an intensified version of softer emotions.

These emotions, like sadness and worry, are masked by it and left unprocessed. As a result, they often go unresolved.

Pissed need someone to talk to

An understanding partner will appreciate this need. This type of approach not only provides the listener with deeper emotions they can connect with, but it de-escalades the situation in general as anger is placed to the sidelines. Anger is not a mask to wear when you want to problem-solve. Additionally, as Kountz noted earlier, stonewalling might be an effective stopgap measure, but it will not help a person get to the root of whatever is causing their anger. But refusing to explain yourself and keeping the wall up is dangerous. This is tell-tale stonewalling.

And if it becomes your go-to solution to disagreements or moments of heightened anger, eventually, it will create larger, long-term problems that will become much more difficult to solve. Anger is an important emotion. You want understand your the underlying soft emotions that lead to anger and find positive ways to blow-off some steam.

So, what are some quick ways to defuse anger? Whatever the case, find a tactic that works for you. Count down from Go yell in the car. Know thyself and all that. We all have moments of anger. If you have difficulty addressing emotions and lose your cool with your family, it needs to be addressed. Hearing dad explain himself directly after an incident can lead to an important teaching moment — and helping kids not feel at fault.

You can still take a break for ten minutes or an hour to calm Pissed need someone to talk to down, but you have to bring the subject up and explain what happened to your spouse or kids sooner rather than later. Leaving too much time between eruption and explanation can make matters much worse.

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Pissed need someone to talk to

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