New horizons seattle swingers

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. One of the great things about being in the travel business is that we get to travel, and not just to tropical clothing optional resorts. We also get to visit lifestyle and swingers clubs around the country, and last week we were able to visit New Horizons, a club located just north of Seattle, Washington and one of the oldest clubs in America. Now as clubs go, there are lots of clubs that we would recommend you visit, if you happen to be in the area. But New Horizons is different—this is a club worthy of traveling to, even if you have no other reason to visit the Pacific Northwest. Arriving at New Horizons is like going to another world.

It sits on a park-like estate. Think of a huge ski lodge nestled amongst towering cedar, hemlock and fir trees and surrounded b y lush gardens, walkways and fish ponds.

New horizons seattle swingers

The building is cavernous—big enough to handle three to four hundred couples on a busy weekend. The interior is done entirely in wood and stone, and it looks much like those big ski chalets you see in Colorado and Utah. Things get started early at New Horizons because this club serves dinner.

New horizons seattle swingers

We dined buffet style on pasta, sal, chicken, buns and desert. After dinner and some socializing Wasser, the club emcee and entertainment director got the crowd going by honoring new members and people celebrating birthdays. The night we attended Wasser orchestrated the sexy shoe contest and about twenty ladies, accompanied by 40 sexy legs and beautifully manicured feet got up to show off their fancy footwear.

It was a tough decision but a long time club member, Don, narrowed the field down to three lucky ladies who walked away with Dream New horizons seattle swingers Tours travel certificates. The music was loud enough to dance to, but the acoustics of the building allow for people to be able to converse without shouting their he off.

The first stop was to the changing rooms—lockersshowers and restroom facilities that would make a lot of health clubs envious. Spacious and spotless. Then down the corridor past the Jacuzzi to a series of rooms deed for fun. From the lighting, to the paint on the walls, to sheets on the bed, to the color of the cushions and couches these room were deed by someone with an artistic flair, and again, everything was spotless and set up with all of the necessities for playing and having fun.

Stay the night and head off in the morning. This feature is particularly convenient for those who travel a distance to attend the club. Of course we want you to travel to those great clothing optional resorts we represent, but please, find yourself the time to visit the Pacific Northwest, spend a couple of days in Seattle twenty minutes away and Vancouver only a couple of hours away and one of the best cities in the world and of course, visit New Horizons.

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Stroll down some of it's pedestrian-only streets and take in the sweet aroma of S New Horizons — A Club You Simply Have to Visit One of the great things about being in the travel business is that we get to travel, and not just to tropical clothing optional resorts.

Upcoming Events No result Bliss Cruises Bliss Cruises Bliss Cruise makes it easy for adventuresome couples to enjoy time at sea by offering adult-only, full-ship charters New horizons seattle swingers tour exotic locations from Florida to the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

New horizons seattle swingers

In some areas of the ship, clothing is optional -- but all passengers are at least 21 years and older -- so no need to worry about an under-aged crowd. Amazing landscapes and a deliciously erotic atmosphere will unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses throughout your clothing-optional vacation. They have devoted ourselves to creating a completely unique experience that brings people back time and time again. Newsletter Up. Up Now. Latest News. At Dream Pleasure Tours when great things happen, we like to share California nudist camp accused of stealing water, says California nudist camp accused of stealing water A Northern California nudist camp is facing off against rangers who say they are stealing water At least they don't have to do laundry, began an article in TheWeek.

Could Sleeping in separate beds help your relationship? Could sleeing in separate beds help your New horizons seattle swingers Experts say that married couples sleeping in separate beds is more common than you think. Now, chances are Tips for getting through Airport Security with your Are you a Frequent Sexy Traveller? Tips on how to get your sex toys through security and tips on packing for travel in general. It is summertime, and we travel A LOT.

Dream Pleasure Tours wants to provide you with some tips on how to make your trip through airport security a How soon should you have sex after a How soon should you have sex after a heart attack? The day after? A study in the "Journal of the American Heart Association" reports a major problem. Being shot by a jealous lover at 95 years of age is my idea of the best way to leave this planet. Are there alternative ways to perceive and participate in a marriage that will guarantee its success?

In today's society, marriage happens when two people usually a man and a New horizons seattle swingers fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives t Naked in their own back yard Neighbors called Sued by neighbor for being nude in his backyard Nudity laws vary in every state and being on your property has little to do with it.

Editors Note: We contend that this article, published on our site inraises issues that are still pertinant today, so we offer it to our viewers in ou Being Overweight May Harm Men's Semen Quality "The heavier the men, the higher the chances of a low sperm count" Overweight and obese men in a new study showed diminished quantity and quality of semen, suggesting that a weight problem might also affect fertility, researchers say. The hardest thing for certain personality types is dealing with a change of plan. Always deal in the comfort Sexual Uses for Everyday Household Items. Adalaide Here, a new contributor to the news and articles section of the site.

I am here to introduce sexy tips and news to yo Is Facebook setting the moral standard for America? Facebook censors photos of Palm Springs Nudist Resort and other Nudist Resorts When we first read about this, we weren't going to publish it on our website.

After all, Facebook is a private business and if private businesses d Love Cloud presents the Mile High Club experience without having to ba a contortionist As you know at Dream Pleasure Tours we're always on the lookout for the latest in sexy and erotic adventures, and we've found one. The of polyamorous couples is on the rise. Is polyamory the answer to divorce woes? In the past few years we have had an ever increasing of requests from guests traveling in threes. Sometimes it's two girls and one guy, sometimes it's two guys and one girl.

But there is n The secrets to a better quality of life According to research, sex does much more than satisfy desire - here's 10 tips We found this article about the health benefits of having sex. Now the way we look at it, most of our customers have sex when they take a Dream Pleasure Tours vacatio Be at Your Sexy Best - The Our customers care about their looks and appearance Creo provides a luxurious user experience that will leave you lookingand feeling your sexy best At Dream Pleasure Tours our customers care about their looks and appearance. After all, if your getting naked, and getting naked in the clo Why We Hate the Airlines or How to Do you have a story of a Nightmare on an Airline?

Customer loyalty and customer accolades come from how you manage the situation when problems occur When you think about it, air travel is amazing. You walk into a piece of machinery that weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds and that machine Excellent Lifestyle Clubs on the East Coast. My husband and I live in the Baltimore area of Maryland and there are three life Carlos Batts: In Honor of an Artist and Together they helped us with a of events in Los Angeles, and also helped us to produce our Cirque Erotique Week a Great Clubs for "Adventurers" around the world High energy, sexually-charged for singles to hook up with new friends and couples re-engage and enjoy their own sexual relationship One of our goals at Dream Pleasure Tours is to bring our customers new and different vacation experiences.

Editor's Note: Our friends Sandi and Ted from Canada wrote this article and we thought we should share it with you. You can find more from Sandi and Ted at their website sandionswinging. What is Ashley Madison Really About? Lifestylers pride themselves on open honest relationships. You'll have more fun, and so will everyone else. Recently we've heard from our friends across the country that sometimes people who attend swingers parties are not on their best behavior New horizons seattle swingers Erections and Nudism.

New horizons seattle swingers

How to deal with Male Erections and Nudism Sexually oriented thoughts are NOT the only thing that causes the male penis to "rise to the occasion. But is seems as if these two groups ha Spice Resort is one of those hidden gems Looking for an all-inclusive, clothing-optional, lifestyle-friendly resort in an Exotic Location?

New horizons seattle swingers

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