Looking a ride friend

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RideConnect is a ridesharing platform with which you can create your own rideshare. Download it for FREE and check it out. For drivers, receive ride hails from riders in your community, or from the entire RideConnect ecosystem. Make offers on scheduled rides from the RideBoard.

Make money by charging for rides. RideConnect does not charge fees per ride.

Looking a ride friend

Drivers and Riders can announce what they're willing to pay or charge for a ride on the RideBoard. Choose which drivers or Looking a ride friend can see your scheduled rides or driver availability. Use a handle to mask your identity from second tier communities. Block people in your community from ridesharing with you, or even block their entire community. Create rideshare channels for your work colleagues, football league or meetup group.

Keep them separate and rideshare with a purpose. Riders can also use rideshare channels to group their favorite drivers by geography, interest or personal need such as female only drivers, culturally sensitive drivers or anything that is important to them. With RideConnect, you can easily setup your rideshare business and give rides to anyone in your social community. Rideshare channels lets riders and drivers to group users together so that drivers can give better service to their riders, and riders can have safer rides with drivers they trust. RideConnect is a private, social ridesharing marketplace in which you control how you share rides, and with whom.

With RideConnect, you choose where you'd like to get picked up, where you need to get dropped off and who you'd like to ask for a ride. With RideConnect, riders can schedule their rideshare ahead of time and drivers can announce their availability. This way, riders can plan their day and get ride offers from drivers at the scheduled time.

Looking a ride friend

With built in privacy settings, RideConnect is the perfect solution to anyone's travel coordination needs. Plan meetings, events and social outings with RideConnect and announce them to anyone in the rideshare community. Take a look at how RideConnect works, and find out how it can work for you. Click on the video to watch. With RideConnect, you can create your own customer channel, offer rides, or accept ride hails and charge within the app. Share rides to class, local restaurants and bars, campus events or simply to hang out with your friends. Create a post with your plans.

Other students that you're connected to can see it. They can either ask you for a ride, or offer you a ride when they're going out. Inform your community of your plans to drive on a long distance trip. Accept ride offers from other who might be going that way, or offer a ride to people who have also indicated that they are interested.

Securely share rides among your family members. Use the blocking features in the My Community screen to ensure that only your family members are able to share rides with you. Post the time when you're done with work, or when school gets out so that you can better coordinate pick ups, drop offs and general coordination between everyone in your family. When all your employees use the same group code, they can share rides with one another even if they're not connected directly.

Sharing a car with my sister, I find myself looking for rides. I could definitely see Looking a ride friend using this app with my friends and family when I needed a ride. My group of friends are always driving to this show or this area and always can pop another person in the car is the best if they knew where we were going. This concept would be fantastic in highly populated urban areas and metropolitan areas. It would be awesome to get it further integrated with Facebook, too.

The beta app seems pretty nailed down in terms of branding and purpose. You can trust these people in your area and ride with friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that are available and local, rather than mostly strangers. The idea and concept is brilliant, convenient, and useful. Looking a ride friend we wondered, why not enable drivers to create communities of customers so that they can have their own rideshare business? Why should riders be forced to pay a lot of money when they could negotiate a reasonable rate with their driver? Why should a company stand between riders and drivers?

Let's just connect riders and drivers in a private environment. At RideConnect, we make a ridesharing platform that can be used by anybody to create their own rideshare. Drivers, riders, families, companies and even cities can use RideConnect to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce drunk driving, make money or simply do a good deed.

Looking a ride friend

Really, the only limit is your imagination. The RideConnect ridesharing platform is unique in the features it offers at a low subscription price. Download RideConnect and start your own rideshare. Check out our brochure as well. A better way to give rides, get rides and make money.

Ride Hailing and Ride Scheduling. Riders and Drivers can schedule their rides or send ride hails. Send a ride hail to all drivers in your community, or the entire RideConnect ecosystem. Agree on Pricing. RideConnect does not force anyone to charge for a ride, nor do we take a cut per ride. Riders and Drivers can negotiate a rate that works for that ride, for them.

Privacy and Safety. It's your safety, so we give you tools to decide how much safety is enough. Request background checks from drivers to vet them more thoroughly. Private Rideshare Channels. Broaden your customer base with rideshare channels. Rideshare channels lets drivers set different prices for different customer groups.

Share rides with people in your social network and travel together. Easy To Use. You can also negotiate the rate for the ride. That simple. Schedule Your Rides. Riders can see which drivers are available and ask them for a ride. Riders can also simply hail a ride. Wherever you need to go, plan ahead with RideConnect. Ridesharing where you're in control. Watch the video. Get rid of the middleman. Get rid of the middle man, keep more of the money you make. Share rides with friends, coworkers, friends and teammates Looking a ride friend you do things as a group.

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Looking a ride friend

See what people are saying about RideConnect. It's a pretty cool idea. I would actually probably really use something like this! Todd Beta tester. Teddy Beta tester. Jake Beta tester. Anthony Beta tester. Amber Beta tester. The Blog Traveling together, privately and safely. Are big events in your city stopping you from getting to work on time? Start your day off right with these rideshare options. I love my car. It makes things simple for me: I feel good behind the wheel, I turn on the tunes I like to listen too, and head to where I need to go.

Coordinating an event? Here are five ways the on-demand rideshare industry can help you create a seamless experience for your attendees. When you are deing an event there are a million details to think about. For everything to go off without a hitch, event planners have to think of every detail, and from every angle. How your guests will get around while in town is an important one. The attendee experience can make you or Driving gigs that fly under the radar such as large scale events, are definitely worth considering.

Looking a ride friend

Find out how to use RideConnect this holiday season to set up your own DIY rideshare and coordinate your family pick-ups in 3 easy steps:. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah are the times we put extra effort into seeing our people and cooking enough food to feed an army. If you More Posts. About Our Company. We are changing the way people share rides. We all are familiar with ridesharing, ride hailing and smartphone apps. Our Company. Our Brochure.

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Looking a ride friend

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