Lady wants sex Dana

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Lady wants sex Dana

Linda Bradley and Dana Brendza. Nada Youssef : Hi. Thank you for ing us. I'm your host, Nada Youssef. As we continue our celebration of women's health this month, we are putting you first by bringing on not one, but two experts, to discuss women's sexual health. Sexual health is essential for our overall physical and emotional well-being. A fulfilling sex life can reduce a lot of stress in our lives, improve our mental health, and even improve our quality of sleep.

Lady wants sex Dana

Linda Bradley. Thank you for being here. And also, we have clinical health psychologist Dr. Dana Brendza. Thank you. Before we get started, please remember this is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace your own physician's advice. Thank you, ladies, again for being here. I'm going to give you a few moments to introduce yourself. We can start off with you.

Lady wants sex Dana

Linda Bradley : Hi. I'm again, Dr. Some sexual dysfunction issues or sexual concerns, but also a strong interest in evaluating women for abnormal bleeding, giving women second opinions to avoid hysterectomy and looking when they do need surgery, more minimally invasive techniques and technologies to allow them short stays in hospital, rapid recovery, and good outcomes.

Nada Youssef : And Dr. Do you want to introduce yourself? Dana Brendza : Yes. I'm Dana Brendza, and I'm a clinical health psychologist, and one of the hats that I wear here is I treat patients with sexual dysfunction, both men and women, and I also treat people who have ADHD and a of medical concerns.

Some infertility issues, just basically dealing with cancer or dealing with surgery, and also, people who have just basic anxiety and depression problems. Nada Youssef : Great. Now, humans are sexual beings, and like anything else in life, sex can pose some serious risks. It's up to us to have sex in a way that reduces any chances of getting sexually transmitted infections, diseases, or unplanned pregnancies.

A healthy sex life includes understanding your body and how it works. You have to be comfortable with your body and your own sexual desires. We'll talk about that today. But I'm going to start off with some questions. Bradley, I would like to start this discussion regarding women, particularly over As you age, your libido declines, or your estrogen declines. How do you keep your sex life going after 40? Linda Bradley : Well, I think sex should be vibrant from 40 untiluntil you leave this earth. And I also think that sex does not begin in the bedroom. Whether you're 35, 25, or 95, a lot of the issues that women have with libido and interests may have to do with lifestyle.

What would that mean? Poor eating, being a little over their ideal body weight, having chronic conditions that make it more difficult to achieve orgasms sometimes because of being on medication or having interest. I think a healthy sex life begins with a healthy body, and also, I think an important component is conversation with a partner.

I think I look at what's happening with a of my patients. It's okay to be on medications, but sometimes our lifestyle is putting us on anti-depressants. Sometimes having surgical procedures that may have potentially affect one's sexuality. Lack of exercise. There's a whole host of things, and I think a healthy sex life begins with a healthy body and healthy relationships.

Nada Youssef : Yeah. And it's all well-rounded, right? Do you have anything to add Dr. Dana Brendza : Yeah, I agree with everything that Dr. Bradley said. The relationship is the foundation to a healthy sex life, and going along with that, I'd say that depending on what stage of life you're in, if you're looking to become pregnant and maybe having trouble getting pregnant, sometimes sex can become a chore.

Sort of a science project, and you know, it's sometimes very difficult for a couple to have children. That can interfere. Fertility problems. Also, being pregnant. Once you've achieved the pregnancy and having particularly young kids, that that can really interfere with your sleep and just your ability to have any free time to spend with your partner. Nada Youssef : Now, I know you mentioned earlier, poor diet. Can we talk a little bit about poor diet?

How does that affect sex life? And I think of being overweight as being a time where just what's in our hips, our stomachs, where we're carrying extra weight. I look at this as areas of tissue that's not healthy. I look at myself. This stuff here it's not sleep, it's not dormant, and it's not hibernating. But it's making chemicals of inflammation, and so being overweight, we carry more inflammatory markers. Lady wants sex Dana gets inflamed? Things in our brain. So stroke, heart attack, kidney problems, or ts. Sometimes doctors have to treat the chronic diseases that come from being overweight.

Sometimes it's body image, in terms of how women look. Whether they've just had a baby or they're on medication that may make them gain weight. And so I think lack of exercise, which can feed into why people are overweight, can lead to problems. When we think about ex And I'll just mention this as an aside, exercise, you know, what happens? Your heart rate goes up, more blood goes to your brain. We find that older people who exercise have less risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. When we exercise, blood goes to our genitals, and so that's very good also. I just find that when we look at things that we can do to help us with our sex life, weight is one thing.

Decreasing alcohol, because it can actually be Yes, it's a stimulant, but also a depressant. Being in relationships that are toxic or relationships way in the past that it had been associated with domestic violence or intimate partner violence. Or incest, and many things like that. When we look at women, women are more than the sum of their body parts. We have so many different things, and for women, unlike men, they just get an erection, and it's up and down.

That's how we measure outcome from Viagra. For women looking at drugs and drug therapy, are we worried about the bathroom sink being dirty? Our hair not brushed. Our kids aren't having. Linda Bradley : More things that may sort of turn Lady wants sex Dana on or turn us off, and so I think that when we just look at sexuality, it's such a big box. Pandora's Box that we sometimes have to open in order to make it where we're comfortable with our bodies, our relationships, and asking for what we want in the bedroom.

What makes us comfortable, what gives us pleasure? What spots do I like to have touched that turn me on or turn me off, and so I think having that conversation is quite important. Nada Youssef : Sure, and then communication's very, very important. Nada Youssef : And one thing you guys talked about was pregnancy. You know, during pregnancy, your body looks different.

After pregnancy, your body will still look different. Brendza, how do you deal with body image issues? I know you're a therapist. How do you deal with that? When someone has a body image, what do you say to them? Dana Brendza : Well, if their body has changed dramatically, Lady wants sex Dana with say a weight gain or a procedure following a pregnancy, or a difficult birth.

Or if they've had say a cancer surgery and now they have a colostomy bag or they have a mastectomy and they've had to endure some plastic surgery to help them to Lady wants sex Dana better about their body after the cancer was removed, we try to encourage people to talk with their partners, I guess to get reassurance that they're still valued and loved, and also that they're still attractive, and to help them to maybe go to a group for other people who have survived a similar issue so that they can, I guess process these feelings that they have about the changes that they're enduring and cope more effectively with those.

Now, sex. We're all trying to reach an orgasm. There are many women who can't reach an orgasm. Is it normal versus it is not? Is it bringing in an issue, or what do you do if you can't reach an orgasm? Can we talk a little bit about that? Linda Bradley : I think we have to demystify what an orgasm is. Linda Bradley : And how it differs for men and for women.

Lady wants sex Dana

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