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Getting to know someone takes time. But it also takes effort. Timing is crucial when it comes to asking someone a question. Sure, a question might be random no matter the time and place. Similarly, you want to read the room. And conversations need a little back and forth between each person. So, make sure your questions set the stage to keep the conversation moving forward. Do you need a few questions to ask a guy to ensure you have a fulfilling conversation?

Use this list of 20 good questions to ask a guy to keep your conversation fresh. Asking him about family traditions will open up an entire world of conversation topics. You can learn more about his family, beliefs, and what to expect from him at certain times of the year. Will he be the first one to say it or will you have to take the reins?

This is also a good question to ask so you know not to overthink your situation with him. Is he a bad boy or are his parents just strict? This is also another chance to find out more about his family without asking a more straightforward question. So, has he ever broken any laws? Was he the class clown, jock, nerd, or just your average guy? This is your chance to learn more about a side of him you never met. Would the two of you hit it off if you met as classmates years ago? Try to ask him early on about any food aversions he has. Is it about watching the show or watching the show with you?

Setting goals for yourself is an important step towards mastering self-control and persevering in life. Whether big or small, the goals he sets for himself show he is staying motivated and is open to improving himself throughout life. This way you can give him a he up before you alter your image. Listening to someone go on and on about their passions can be quite endearing. Find out how willing he is to follow his heart. Does the man need a plan? Is he put off by the idea of going wherever the wind takes you?

The playground can be ruthless. Want to find out more about his taste in music? But what about introducing him to new foods or surprising him? If you want to go the creative route you should first learn what entices his palate. His answer to this question is good to know before making a reservation at a brewery or wine bar. Find out what he likes to drinkor if he even drinks at all. A lot of people have side hustles.

But sometimes that hobby or pastime loses its luster when it becomes your job. Asking him about his hobbies as a career path is a good way to know if you should motivate him to do more or just let him enjoy himself. How much does he stick out in his social circle? This is a spin on asking about his pet peeves.

Asking this question will give you a better idea about his quirks. Some people are natural flirts. Others can overthink it to the point they just tap out. He just looks so strong. He must be working outright? Harmless teasing is a great way to flirt.

So, ask him if you make him nervous and put the pressure on him a little more. Does he like romantic dinners, casual movie dates, or something more exciting? Want to spice up the conversation? Sometimes what gets us in the mood is part of the set standard. However, some vanilla sexual interests go beyond the standard simple turn on. Do glasses make him go crazy over a girl? Find out what unexpectedly gets him going.

On one end of the spectrum you have vanilla sex, on the other is kinky. But it is always good to know what works for a potential sexual partner. Find out how adventurous Ladies have you ever wanted to is during sex. Did he enjoy his sexual experimentation or was it a one time experience? Is this guy really handsy? Do you mind? Does he wait until the third date or is he okay with a casual hook up? Ask him if he has any set time frames for sleeping with someone so you know what to expect from him as a potential partner.

Find out if he takes a few minutes out of his day to look at or watch porn. Ladies have you ever wanted to find out if he has a sexual bucket list? Ask him about his fantasies and see if he wants to try anything out with you. The infamous booty call. Some people have no problem getting into character and dirty talking.

Others find it too embarrassing to do with a straight face. Mae West made this line famous in the s and it still holds up today. Repeating this suggestive quote will certainly get an interesting response from any guy you ask. Mood lighting can really set the stage for a romantic evening. But when it boils down to the big event, does he keep the lights on or turn them off? Sex is just sex to some people. Think of it as a level of maturity. Does he enjoy a little afternoon delight, or does he wait until bedtime to get frisky? Maybe he breaks up his morning routine with some excitement every now and then.

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Ladies have you ever wanted to

Ask him what he considers to be too many sexual partners so you can learn more about what he would think of you and your history. If you want to really get to know a guy, ask deep questions. His answer can reveal a lot about who he aspires to be.

Is it a family member or someone famous? A person that can listen to other peoples ideas and opinions without becoming angry shows a high level of emotional maturity. Find out if he is open to new viewpoints and changing old opinions in light of new information.

Before you dive into a conversation about a sensitive topic such as politics you might want to ask how he feels about the topic. Breakups can be difficult. Having your heart broken can forever change you. Has he ever had to break things off with someone and consequently left them feeling heart broken? How did he end things? How would he react to a heavy burden like knowing the world is going to end? How does he help make a better world? Does he pick up litter, recycleor volunteer at a shelter?

Maybe you can plan a date to give back to society together. Your definition of emotional maturity might differ from his. Find out what he considers maturity by asking him directly. Religion, like politics, is a sensitive topic for some.

Ladies have you ever wanted to

He can change his past but everything else would change too. How would he handle the chaos effect on his own life? Asking about what makes him angry is a smart move if you want to avoid seeing him express his rage. Is his job just a job or does he live to work? Find out where his thoughts lie in regards to gender roles. Does he think women belong in the kitchen or does he want to see some glass ceiling shatter? Is he looking for a lifelong commitment or some fun? What does a relationship mean to him and what does he expect from you if you start dating? Loving someone and being in love is different.

Being in love is a unique feeling and when it happens you just know. Has he ever fallen for someone? Does his idea of the best day involve highly organized plans? Or is he more interested in lounging around? However, men are often able to avoid spending too much time putting themselves together each morning. Ask about his morning routine.

Today, kids have access to wonders only seen in sci-fi movies 30 years ago. Does he wish he could experience life as with an iPad or is he perfectly content with his childhood sans Wi-Fi. How compatible are your phones operating systems? Where has he been that he could go back time and time again? Maybe he can take you one day and show you around. Do you two share some bucket list travel destinations? Get a good idea of his adventurous side by asking him what parts of the world he desperately wants to see.

There are places in the world that are just off limits to some people. Find out where he draws the line with travel. Stick with more lighthearted questions to ask a guy to keep the conversation on a positive note. When it comes to pick-up lines, the worse they are the better. Has he ever successfully used any cheesy lines to score a date? If the answer to this question is yes, then there must be a pretty good story to go along with it. Just like with pick-up lines, the best jokes are sometimes terrible. Does he have a go-to dad joke that makes you roll your eyes and hate yourself for laughing?

This is a great way Ladies have you ever wanted to find out what types of movies he enjoys.

Ladies have you ever wanted to

Would he choose the ability to fly or something a little more specific to him. See how creative and imaginative he can be. If he does sing in the shower his facial expression will probably give him away before he answers your question. The thought of anyone looking through your internet search history is the stuff of modern day nightmares for many.

Could he show his search history off without cringing?

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