Is there a such thing as friends

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By simply complicatedMay 25, in Friendship and Friends. I've come to the conclusion that there are no such thing as friends, i've been "friends" with several people in my life and at this point I only concider a hand full to be friends, but lately, that handful has been getting smaller. Tonight, I decided to go out for a drink with a so called firend of ten years, recently we had it out because of some stupid things he was saying usually while drunk and tonight, he pulled the same crap, saying "you have to livin up, and be like me, your never gonna have anyone".

I meet new people everyday, doesn't meen we'll be friends, I just think the whole concept of friendship has run it's course, i'm haven't been feeling to social lately, I just don't have enough going on to spark interest in new "friends", things have been pretty dull lately due to work and other financial issues. I have 0 friends ZERO people I can depend on outside my family. I have no advice here, just what I've seen in my own life.

I don't believe what I'm reading! I've had the same set of friends for over 30 years. They have always been true blue and we have seen each other through thick and thin. Marriages, divorces, childbirth, deaths of partents, bankruptcies, remarriages, career changes, we have experienced all of this and more since we have been best friends.

Is there a such thing as friends

My friends are both male and female and they are all precious to me. Maybe young people today aren't as comfortable making lifelong friends as us oldsters are. I dunno what to say, it seems where not all on the sameone doesn't work, the other takes his insecurities out on others, and another guy sorta branched off and tried another scene, the whole clubbing thing which i've completely grown out of, the other one is married so theres very little time for friends, yet I concider him to be the best of the bunch, in terms of friendship.

So I guess the motivation of maintaning friendships or even finding new ones just simply isn't there. Our group of friends go way way back. We all more or less spent our late teens together, got married at the same time, had kids at the same time, etc etc and still going strong.

Is there a such thing as friends

It's quite sad reading thre like this. Not sure what the cause is for lack of friendsor what the answers are. It must be a guy thing then, it's all cute n fun how girls can get married and have kids n talk about who has the bigger wedding ring and all, but I feel with guys, it's more about pride, competitiveness, and sadly jealousy, this phony friend that pulled his nonsense tonight, has real jealousy issues, it's a fact that he'll hate on a guy who gets more girls than he does, or he's so down on himself that he'll bring others down to his level to feel better about himself, these are things you tend to notice about a person once you've been "friends" for ten years.

I didn't mean to generalize when it came to making the title for this thread, if your lucky to have good people in your life then lucky for you, but not everyone does, I chose my group of friends when I was a teenager to, if I'd known they woulda turned out like this, I would've thought twice.

Is there a such thing as friends

My best friend married, quit working, and moved to Alaska from California. We stayed close. She got religion and went to church all the time. She revealed to me that her father had molested her as .

Is there a such thing as friends

My other best friend got married and settled down. I stayed single and working. My best male friend moved halfway accross the world, took up with a stripper, and retired. We are still close friends. None of us are competitive. I have many male and female friends and all the males are still close and so are the females. We have all buried our parents and have now raised our children. We look back and laugh that we made it through it all. And then we cry tears of joy and some tears of pain.

We have survived. We owe a lot of that to each other. I wish these kinds of friends for everyone, I really do. I know how lucky I am. I've had issues with my good friends as well, but good friends usually accept your flows and let it go at certain point.

If he said something offensive to you, just walk away and try talking to him when he is sober. If he is a true friend, he'll understand. My point is, that friendship in general seems to fade after several years, and making new friends at my age seems impossible. Most people have a little group of friends that they always hang out with and talk to, but my little group is starting to annoy me.

I have best friends. I have one from 7th grade so 10 yearsone from 8th grade 9 yearsone from my first year of college that I keep in contact with via internet, two from college within the last year or so, but I think they will be lifelong friends. And I've had several best friends move in and out of my life during particular times. I really cherish my friendships. It's hard to make true good friends, but when you find them- they are so worth it.

I would have to agree that there is no such thing as a true friend.

Is there a such thing as friends

Eventually people get tired of trying to find "true" and "best" friends and eventually stop trying to make those new connections. In my experience I have never had a person put in as much effort into a friendship as I have. It gets tiring after a while. Now I'm not trying to ruin this little party over here but I still believe friendship exists somewhere in a universe far away. I'm about to become friendless though By ShopLady Started September By DJ. Started Wednesday at AM. Psych2Go posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember TopThink posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember All Activity Home Theres no such thing as true friends Theres no such thing as true friends friend family education mother attraction marriage.

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Is there a such thing as friends

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Is there a such thing as friends

Husband changed. Mother-in-law problem. What exactly does "connection" mean? Think of it like a magnet. If you have a magnet, it is going to attract, but also repel based on its polarity. If you have a positive and a positive and you put them together, guess what's gonna happen?

They're going to repel each other.

Is there a such thing as friends

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There is no such thing as friends at work… or is there?