Hot and lonely woman

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By Nicole Klett July 5, By Alya Mooro April 30, Leo season is coming in hot, while Virgo season invites us to cultivate a plan and nurture ourselves. By Valentine Vale August 1, The antidote to loneliness lies in the quality of our connections. Social media — yes, that demon leech suckling away at our self-esteem reserves — can actually be a good place to start. Does your little girl want to play with us? In hindsight, it was either innocently endearing or a scene devised by Stephen King.

Our council estate boredom prompted bold interactions, especially when new families moved in. In the summer ofmy best friend and I bonded over memes fetishising staying indoors, cancelling plans and having Chandler Bing bubble baths, alone. Is that what we really want? Not according to the Office for National Statistics. Two years pre-COVID, a UK study found young women felt lonely more regularly than older age groups, and women reported feeling lonely more often than men.

During lockdown, a UCL study found poor mental health was most common among year-old and year-old women. One-third of year-olds surveyed reported Hot and lonely woman of depression and almost half experienced loneliness. Lots of lonely people are well integrated. There are others who lack social connections, but never feel lonely. I felt it in the pit of my belly for years.

Hot and lonely woman

The day I realised I was lonely, it blinded me. Like when you step out of the cinema on a sunny day, disoriented and trying to adjust to your new, glaring environment. Knew every barista by name. Did I really look that desperate for company? Because I was. Loneliness was the reserve of widows and war veterans, not friendly, outgoing, twenty-something women. I found myself wandering around Morrisons for hours as if it was a Turkish bazaar, just to be around people. I was in a new house in a new town in a new city, again.

Miles from home, family and friends. Salad stirrers, peg hangers, cat toys, recipe books, flowers, multivitamins… all on some quest for a time-filling retail high. Loneliness is a sensitive subject for young women. To me, using the word felt sad, weepy and dramatic. Might as well send them that clip of the walruses tumbling to their deaths on Our Planet and be done.

But hey, it is sad. Like, lonely people literally feel lower temperatures than people who feel socially supported. For me, mental health and that longing for connection work hand-in-hand. Anxiety prevents you from organising meetups.

Then, you feel guilty for missing the opportunity and feel more anxious for the next one. Rinse and repeat. My main source of connection was social media. Social media did Hot and lonely woman though. Delete, hide and block the stuff warping your good vibes, then find communities of people who help build you up — and who you can help build-up, too. Declutter and diversify. I found a local brunch club on Instagram and girl gangs on Facebook, full of fun, creative women running gigs, collabs and meetups.

ing a gym, cooking, readinggoing to art galleries and getting stuck into a series on Netflix helped too. The void of audible conversation was temporarily filled with podcasts and books gave me characters so vivid they became companions. Think of loneliness like your body lacking in nutrients. To reach optimum health, you need to change your diet and try different foods.

Vitamin tablets are social media — a helpful kickstart, but a shallow-working, unsustainable fix. For true nourishment, you need to put the effort in. Being lonely is often a conscious decision. Creating and maintaining friendships as a young woman requires a little give. But like any relationship, perseverance, patience and forgiveness are all needed to maintain and deepen connections. We provide women with a safe space to be themselves — every event is accessible, affordable and not centred around alcohol.

Like-Minded Females evolved into support networks on social mediawith a mix of fun and educational events. We give our communities their own Slack channel to keep things able and Hot and lonely woman follow up in six months. Everything LMF put out is actionable, actual information for women feeling lonely.

Sonya dares women to try her rule: you speak to three people, follow up conversations with two of them and then meet one for a coffee. Not only to make friends but to find confidence in yourself so you can go out and take charge. When you feel that longing for connection, reaching out to those in the same boat can lead to meaningful, beautiful friendships.

With kindness, compassion and bravery, they responded:. When my relationship ended with my partner and I moved in on my own, it only worsened. I do have friends in Newcastle but those friends have family commitments and other groups of friends and I feel very isolated and at times, alone.

Insecurities led to an acceptance of her loneliness. It was when she returned home from her job as a digital marketing executive, made dinner for one and burst into tears that she realised she was lonely. I see quite a lot of people throughout the week, but not having the important people around me my family and partner is what makes me feel alone.

She separated from her husband, friends moved away, and her York-based office job became a home desk. That was a low point. It sounds glaringly obvious, but for me, the best way to feel connected is to speak with someone. She now recognises triggers and prevents potential spirals into loneliness. Get some fresh air. Buy a pint of milk even if there are two pints already in the fridge. But loneliness is still a bit awks.

Hot and lonely woman

But not sad in a cool way. Staying busy, as well as reading and sewing have helped Emily feel less lonely. One day of socialising le to one or two days recovering both mentally and physically, so I avoid going out most of the time. The ones who would love to have jobs or kids, so that leaves them stuck at home — probably feeling lonely as well. I lived away from family and was the only one in my friendship group to have a baby — I was young! Leanne believes loneliness was also the reason she stayed in an abusive relationship for so long. So I continued to accept behaviour that was controlling and coercive for a large chunk of my life.

Hot and lonely woman

I used to ring Samaritans on a regular basis. When I had to leave my job in the entertainment industry due to poor health, I believe Chubbs, my very energetic French bulldog literally saved my life and gave me the energy and motivation to get better. I learnt that talking to close friends about it really helps. To live with it, I think you need to surround yourself with people who are caring and willing to help. Sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is meeting new people, or even friends we already have. Having a mate rely on you and come to you first, with anything, is a life-shattering, sensational, technicolour moment.

It delivers a sense of purpose and makes you feel less sad. So, find like-minded women out there — there are literally millions of us. Start that conversation. Drop into a DM. Be brave enough to schedule a coffee date — and actually turn up. a local club. a nationwide club. Organise a cute trip to the seaside and see who can take the most achingly hipster photo.

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Hot and lonely woman

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