Genuine looking handsome

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When was the last time you ever complimented a boy? The last time I complimented a boy was not long ago. Okay it was a few days back. Everybody loves compliments. Something that they want to hear and feel confident about themselves. But if that guy meant something special to you, then your compliments for a guy have to be special, too. We want you to compliment a boy, that he wants to hear. Further, here we have separated the overall list into different parts of complimenting a guy over his traits :. How he wishes to hear that. Or a simple you look handsome is great deal for any guy.

Genuine looking handsome

I think this would be a great compliment when it is timed properly. All the hard effort of the or a gym is to hear those words. A perfect body may be a dream yet. A little compliment would encourage him to make his dream body come true.

But if a guy has a really put effort in taking care of his look. He deserves it. The ultimate goal of every boy. It will make him instantly confident and happy when a girl says it. Naturally, most boys are strong.

They only think they are. Maintaining a beard is hard. Not very hard. But trimming it everyday requires patience. I personally give attention to facial hair. Some guys have been brainwashed about girls falling over perfume. Like the other guy I met, another story. But guys need to smell good. So go ahead and compliment. Your shoulders are as broad as the pacific ocean. Kinda too much but if you give your attention to it. He will be happy. I have said this before. It resulted in blushes and smiles.

It was a very cute moment. I think this one is the best compliments for boys, whether he is your just friends or more than that. All of us aim for our perfect hairstyle. It is not so easy to get one. So I always experiment to get to that one.

And we must appreciate others for doing so. Later on you could slowly break your thoughts on the hair. Shoes are the first thing I notice. Giving him the comment on the shoes will not be the first thing that guy is expecting. So even if I want to give a compliment I look for the proper opportunity. Therefore it looks natural and makes him comfortable. How every guy wishes to hear that. Maybe not a pro model but like someone who is famous for his dressing. Like a actor, or influencer. Eyes are the most overrated object of appreciation.

Some may say it. Some may say otherwise. But it still works like a charm. This is the one such compliment that is rare and precious. It will bond your relationship more. It will be a pleased memory for you for a long, long time. If someone has a good posture it means they really do take care of their body. So those little words will really mean so much to him and his smile will mean a lot to you.

Many may know it. Giving this comment would immediately make him feel good. Because he will relate it to the guy for whom this was actually told. Not just this, but any movie compliment lines will be worth it. I heard this for the first time in a drama. And it sounded so good. Compliments for boys due to his shyness and secret he tries to hide. The best thing a boy wants to hear is that you call him a man and the best thing a man wants to hear is that you call him a boy. Besides these two both share a similarity in wanting to be strong.

But telling him that he is the manliest boy will really make him shout for joy. Of course, he may not express it. It is another way of saying you Genuine looking handsome tall, to a guy who is not 6 feet plus but he may have long limbs especially legs. If you say that he will feel so excited. He knows that he is not too tall but heck yeah, he may get its tone. Remember timing is the most important thing here. If you miss proper timing he may think you are making fun of him.

Or he could be just really short. This compliment for boy applies both ways. But if you like to be an open person, then go for it. Especially your boyfriend. Either way the relationship should be mutual Genuine looking handsome say a comment like that. If there is a domination, this is not kinda good. Another awesome way to say that you are interested in his life. Because you care for his future. Because you like to be a part of his future. A quick tip here is if anyone asks you about your future all of sudden, they may be interested to spend their future with you.

Not all but some of them. Someone whom we trust that they will be there even when you are facing a problem is the best nature of being manly. Such personalities deserve these compliments for boys. Chivalry le to this comment. This compliment can go for anyone right not just your friend or your boyfriend. Compliment for a man, due to his clever nature and behavior for you and others. A confidence booster comment. You may have heard this in serials and films many times. This comment directly means you are deeply interested in Genuine looking handsome. If you are serious, only then go for it.

Guys may not understand everything but they sure understand this one. A funny one. Also indicating that your relationship will be in laughter and few precious tears. This is a simple yet most effective comment usually said after being in a relationship.

Genuine looking handsome

Possible future use. To be honest, this is my favorite. Because this gives the emotional personal touch. Just merge two words or change a few sentences to get a different kind of appreciation. Like great and cool makes grool.

Genuine looking handsome

Okay I am going to stop making references. Just hearing this makes me feel so sweet. Imagine how positively it will have an impact on him. Harsh words, more hurt. And sweet words, more love. Simple, elegant and extremely good when meeting for the first time. This whole section is mostly awesome compliments for boys which can be used for the very first time. Nothing is better than this.

People say it sounds like cliche. They are not entirely wrong. But this is the perfectly normal compliment. If you are not fully sure about the relationship. Okay, this is more smooth and graceful than a simple line that we think it is. And also great for strangers. Not just any stranger. But your mutual friend or a colleague, this can be the best appreciation so far. But we always meet a few or at least one who really deserves such a compliment. It indicates and really gives the confidence to other people that he can do that even if he neck-deep into problems.

From this comes the famous quote behind every Genuine looking handsome boy there is a girl. Okay I changed it a bit. This is another comment to confirm that he really cares about you. And he gives you his full attention. Make sure to test him if he is really listening.

Genuine looking handsome

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