Dirty old man wants to play

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As the young woman at the bar finished her third gin and tonic, Dave watched her pick up her purse. He grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

Dirty old man wants to play

He waited for her to walk out of the double doors before he got up and left the bar himself. Dave looked around Rittenhouse Square as Dirty old man wants to play but as quickly as he could to find the woman.

He reminded himself that she owed him, as the unseasonably cool night air blew a gust of wind in his face. His teeth chattered as he pulled his coat together. It had been a rough day at work for Dave. He had expected to retire five years ago, but his pain in the ass wife and his pain in the ass daughter made that all the more difficult. His wife Leigh, who he married fresh out of high school, was downsized from her insurance office two years ago with only 10 years to go on the mortgage.

Their savings took another hit when his year-old daughter, Kate, came home last year after living on her own since college. After serving four years in the Navy, Aaron found his way into one of the top banks in the United States and went to work in their securities department. Dave found the young woman across the street. She was at a bus stop, at which point he cursed to himself. He found a crowd crossing the street and snuck over with them, trying to look like any tourist in the city.

He hid with another crowd as the bus pulled to a stop and everyone, including his subject, got on the bus. Dave had a pass, it was a sort of necessity for what he did in his personal life, but he hated taking that damn bus. He could get rides to any neighborhood, even Kensington, without much delay. Drivers in Philly left riders alone for the most part.

But now, he sat at the front of this terrible bus with its horrible patrons and nasty smell. It was ironic that Dave was bothered by these people, as he himself was sweating profusely. When the bus stopped and the woman made her move to get off, Dave hesitated for a moment. As she cleared the door, he tapped the driver on the shoulder and asked to hold the door for a moment while he pretended to search for something in his bag. He then got off and followed her at an inconspicuous distance to her apartment building on Fairmount Street. Dave found a bush and crouched down. The twigs stuck him in certain places on his flabby body, but he muffled any cries of pain as he unsheathed his camera and attached the telescopic lens.

After he connected the lens and battery and turned it on, Dave lowered his eye to look through the viewfinder, like a sniper assessing his target. As he waited in the bushes, the dirty old man thought about the she sent him. Who in the hell did she think she was, anyway? He checked her dating profile earlier, and of course she had blocked him. But what made her think she was so much better than him? He gave her the attention she craved. Well, the year-old that Heather thought he was did, anyway.

He felt powerful knowing that he could control this young woman while he was using some little prick that took his youth and his looks for granted, Heather or Alex ever being wiser. Dave had other girls he could mess with. There was Linda, whose husband had died a year ago which made her lonely and insecure.

Tara was looking for a place to stay to avoid her parents, which gave him leverage. How could she just cut him out like that? A car drove down Fairmount Street as Dave crouched in the bushes, keeping his eyes fixated on her apartment window. He had a folder on his personal computer full of nudes. Some of the pictures were porn, but most were girls that he catfished over the last few years. It gave him a sense of pride, like they were his perverted hunting trophies. And so what if he was a predator? Like Heather, he told them they were pretty and smart and deserved better than whatever their bleeding heart story was when he came to them in desperation.

He found common interests with them, and when they had none, he created them through research. He coddled them. Did he not deserve something for his trouble? So, Dave had grabbed his camera bag and checked her Facebook to find out where she was going for the night. Sure enough, Heather posted that she was heading to a bar in Rittenhouse.

It got a few likes, but no one responded. That was the perfect scenario for Dave. Dave walked to his driveway and sent out a request for an Uber ride. His family had only one working vehicle, which was a minivan that Leigh and Kate drove everywhere. His old Pontiac sat disabled in the driveway, the transmission having failed a few years prior. So he generously, at least he felt it was generous, let Leigh and Kate use the van as needed. He hated driving around Delaware County anyway, and knew firsthand how hard it was to inconspicuously watch women from the minivan they owned.

But now Dave would get his payoff. Finally she appeared in the window in her underwear. She brushed her long, dark hair back as the dirty old man licked his lips and raised his camera. He closed his left eye, moved his finger to the shutter button.

As he went to snap the shutter, there was a footstep behind him. He pulled his camera down and ducked down in the bushes. He checked his watch and it was a. From his position he carefully turned his head around and looked up and down the block. There was no one. Not a single soul populated Fairmount Street. Dave let out a careful breath and relaxed a little.

He grabbed his camera again and looked at the window. She was gone, and the light had gone out. Dave cursed to himself and loaded his camera into his bag. An entire night had been wasted over Dirty old man wants to play stupid. He loaded and locked the bag and swung it around.

He looked up and down the block and made sure the coast was clear, then he carefully but nonchalantly stepped out from the bush and made his way down Fairmount Street. As Dave reached the next block, he pulled his phone from his pocket to al his Uber app for a ride. He found the nearest car to his location and aled for the ride. His estimated wait time was about 3 minutes. Dave let out a breath and put his hands in his pockets. It was so brisk for May and the streets were still abandoned. That was odd for Philly; he should have seen at least one or two cars by now.

As he waited, Dave became unsettled. A feeling of unease came over him as he looked around Fairmount Street. He felt like he was being watched. Dave tried to laugh it off to himself. He sang a tune in his head and glanced at the map on the Uber app. The driver was a moment away from turning down Fairmount Street but it felt like half an hour had passed.

As he sang to himself, Dave heard it again. To his left, no, to his right, Dave heard the footsteps in the distance. What the hell was going on? Dirty old man wants to play checked the time on his phone and it was now a. Who was out here? Was someone playing a joke on him? Had someone seen him earlier?

Dirty old man wants to play

Dave looked at the Uber app. Why was this taking so long? The car was only on Spring Garden Street in the first place! Meanwhile, the footsteps were getting louder, which made him panic even more. But where were they coming from? Then, the footsteps stopped abruptly.

Dirty old man wants to play

He checked his phone again as he saw headlights coming down the street and breathed a sigh of relief. A Red Kia Soul pulled up beside Dave as he grabbed the handle to the back door and hopped in.

Dirty old man wants to play

All that the dirty old man could make out was an all-black Orioles baseball cap. He put his camera bag in the seat next to him. The driver fiddled with his phone. Dave nodded. The driver pressed a button on his phone, turned up his radio and shifted gears into drive. In that moment his brain turned to the wasted effort of tonight and he cursed himself again. His cell phone rang in his pocket.

A jolt went through him as he thought about Leigh and Kate back at home. Dave took his phone out and looked at the caller ID. It was the houseso he sent it to voic. Then the phone rang again moments later, and he looked at the caller ID. This time the call came from a area code, but all of the s after the area code were zeros.

Dirty old man wants to play Dirty old man wants to play

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