Couple seeking woman Bermuda

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I want to get married but my marriage would not be recognised in Bermuda and along with that come all the privileges that heterosexual couples have when they are married. There are a myriad of issues that would restrict my marriage from being equal to that of a heterosexual couple. Coming back to Bermuda would just be like I was single. It would set a precedent and we would be equal in the eyes of the law regardless of what certain religious factions may believe.

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

Biblically speaking, those people who claim to be Christ-like, Christ said nothing about homosexuality. This energized me to create a petition. This day has come. Today, is hopefully the dawn of a new day for human rights in Bermuda where love can be recognized no matter the combination of the partners.

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Couple seeking woman Bermuda

These two men have come out openly, such as many have done all down through the years, the only difference now, it is more publicized in local media. They are not the first to come out publicly and they wont be the last, It is our position to love them regardless of the decisions they have made, and pray for them. I do not endorse any same sex marriage, but i am committed to look past the choices that they make, and respect them as a individual and a human being, being a father and a grandfather myself, I constantly am reminded that should any of my own decide to go this way, to you cut hem off, or do you try and be a part of their lives, the answer for me is simple.

My children and grandchildren will always be mine regardless of the decisions they make in their lives, and I put this in here, because there are family members right now of these two young man who are embarrassed and ashamed of them, because they chose to go public in print media, and more so because they have filed publicly at a time that Couple seeking woman Bermuda sex marriage has not yet even passed by law in our country. For all the nay Sayers who think they have it altogether, leave these folk alone, let them live their life, and what will come to pass on these shore is something greater then same sex marriage, it is at that point I am more concerned about how we will deal with what is really up ahead.

Hurt comes in many forms and the out come of hurt takes on many forms, I wont subscribe to a person being born gay, and neither do I subscribe to everyone that is gay was molested or raped at some point of their life. The majority were raised on christian teachings, principles and values, and accepted The Lord Jesus Christ before they departed, now i can not say how Judgement met them at the throne room of God, Couple seeking woman Bermuda I will say, that is one appointment none of us will miss, make fun of it all you want, there will be a day of reckoning for us all.

To the family, there is nothing more powerful then prayer, trust and believe, my mother prayed for me for 7 years to get out of this life style and today she is 84 and have seen 30 plus of my years were I never turned back. The old timers use to quote for years, that in many cases education is like poison, some folk are so darn educated that they are dumb as hell, so let me try and take my high school drop out degree and assist you. If the U. So now we see a bunch of folk that had retracted from that era, and want the right to marry, raise children and adopt, what comes next, well let me educate you.

What happens if they want to go to a public place to rent, be it a house apt ect, and they are refused. Suppose during their wedding arrangements they are refuse by the bakery to making their wedding cake.

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

How about the school curriculum and teaching what the Americans are trying to enforce, the alternative lifestyle and living. How about the transgender using the public restroom and it becoming a offence to the gender that has the real right to that particular rest room.

That is just to name a few, and my thought is that when all this becomes a issue then you will want rights for that to, so as the rights are fought for and won, who then do you think will be discriminated against, also when the homosexual and lesbian community decide they want to take folk to court for refusal of any I have said above and more, then who will be discriminated against, let them live their lives, but I sure in hell am not going to let them stop me from being me, or living out my beliefs.

I dropped out, too, Mr. Santucci and look! I spelled your name correctly. This is an invalid argument and the question is specious. Any business that discriminates against them is… um… discriminating. Did you miss all that? Same thing.

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

A business is not allowed to discriminate. This has nothing to do with marriage equality.

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

The Human Rights Act covers this. But, just to show how narrow-minded this thinking is… What about transgender men being forced to use the ladies room. D What is this obsession with bathrooms anyway? Who cares what the plumbing is under their clothes as long as the plumbing in the room works? You are wrong. Santucci, While I disgree with you on many points your remarks are most often well considered and expressed. In this matter I have to agree with you that attacking, insulting and rejecting people because of their ideas, beliefs, choices or what have you is destructive, uncaring and unhelpful.

That goes for those who make negative remarks about gay people here and those who Couple seeking woman Bermuda negative remarks about the church. In this debate it is important to remember that as gay people fight for their rights we must not forget that religious believers have their rights which must not be taken away or abused. I am neither gay nor a churchgoer but I believe that our society must be based on mutual respect or we will not be able to progress. No one is looking to take away rights from the church.

No one has suggested it. At all. Ok Mr Santucci, You need to stop it. Everyone knows how you run your mouth and it comes out of both sides. You are ignoring real science and talking rot.

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

Thankfully the facts about sexuality are known to a growing majority of educated persons, in particular lawmakers in developed countries with sophisticated legal systems and progressive human rights legislation. Because of this Bermuda will move forward too, albeit a bit behind the front runners, and history will expose people like yourself standing on the wrong side of a basic human rights issue. It is never too late to change your position. If you have the cognitive and technical ability to carry out online scientific research you could educate yourself on this issue.

Can you prove that you were born the way you are? We come in lots of variations. From looks, to tastes, to blood types, etc. We do not chose who we are attracted to. We chose to act on it or not. Additionally, so what if it is a choice? This effects you how exactly? Maybe you need to expend your considerable energies on castigating those ungodly types who are doing far more damage to our communities than on gays who simply want to live their lives without fear.

And even then, whether you fall for someone of the same or opposite gender at any particular point, will again, not be a personal choice at all. Ask yourself if you have ever fallen in love. How did that feel? Likely not. Because rejection hurts. It hurts like hell. Now, Couple seeking woman Bermuda is what a person feels when they fall in love with someone of the same sex. Their body tells them to fall in love with someone of the same sex.

They have the same feeling, the same sadness, the same fears of rejection. So the question is, what is wrong with feeling love?

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

Mutual love of course. Couple seeking woman Bermuda is wrong with it? Who are we to judge others. How hurtful. So when did you choose to be straight? Why would anyone choose to live a life where they are not accepted, treated equal or respected. I think you need a reality check and need to wake up. Homosexuality is often depicted as a condition men and women are born into and they have no choice in the orientation and desires they express, in all actuality everything we do is a choice.

The reality among anyone whether addicted to food, drugs, sex, pornography or masturbation is they are not addicted to the act itself but to the serotonin and dopamine response or flood of chemicals such actions and thoughts produce in our brain. In essence you are addicted to your own chemical response and not the act itself.

Science has shown there are receptors in our brains that utilize these chemicals that regulate our moods, feelings, and states. Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and LSD etc, all utilize this system and mimic in a large part the natural chemicals of our brain and is why they are so addicting. What happens is thinking, or our internal dialog shapes neural pathways in our brain and the actions reinforce these pathways.

Pathways that solidify as behavior is reinforced over the course of a lifetime.

Couple seeking woman Bermuda

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