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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. Bill He, Letter He. Cards, En velopes, Programs, Ace. G—Legal Notices, Sales, Arc. Pamphlet, Progrfcip, Circular.

Get Herald Estimate and Save Money. Circulars sent free. Ihls powder nevoj varies. Bee them. During the time that wc have been in business we have establish ed a reputation for the quality of the goods we sell, and we mean to maintain it. This season we aim to sell the best, and All Grades of Floor Coverings, of every description, at the Kniiillcsl Vlargin. Respectfully, P. East Race St. Entire charge is taken of funerals and everything provided and conducted In a satisfactory manner. Coffins, caskets, robes, do. Repairing done : t nicely. Removed to his new residence, ading M.

South, West Martin St. Whai is B n w Cnsioria in Dr. Children's Complaint. Chlldran cry for Castoria. Mil lion sot Mothers Mess Castoria. Castoria Colic.

Charleston West Virginia oap sex chat

Archer, M. Without narcotic stupefaction, J in ho. Oxford St. He tracked the treasures of the snow, And Indus tracked. The stormy ; tress Of hill-set seas, the peace of palm-set plain He searched and eager searched, yet searched in vain. The hundred battered battle gates Of Thebes, the storied temple door Of Delphi, oracle of fates Or sacred shrine or h' ly store Of healing things he saw; vet day by day Grew care upon him like a mantle gray.

Still had he honors oft, and great, Fcr goodly was his heart and keen His wit and generous his state. And much his eager eyes had seen. Yet happiness came not, and over all His ways and days there ever lay a pall. At last, outworn, he turned him, with a sigh. And there he sat him, all apart, A moody, selfish, sullen thing. Yea, God had given him a heart Far back.

Charleston West Virginia oap sex chat

But he had sought to bring True happiness unto himself alone; So God instead had given him a stone. The barefoot thing did start thereat, And starting, fell. He grudging groaned! And oh, the rising sun he knew That day. His pent soul widened till it grew To reach,as reach the dear sun's rays, All things that lay about, before; Nor wailed he out for happiness ones more. With a sigh of satisfaction, she poised the last tart airily on the apex of the pastry pyramid and stepped back to view j the effect.

And, indeed, the effect was! She went back to the kitchen and looked up at the clock. I think everything is done. The ham is sliced, the chicken jellied, the! Yes, I may go and dress, I and perhaps have time for a bit of a read before I must set the table. The home of the Bruntons was a gray, i old frame house standing on the outskirts of Ashland. Yesterday he had j learned two college friends of his were in J town. He had called at their hotel, but failed to find them in, so he had left a j note stating he would call again, ou this particular evening, aud bring them out ' to supper at his father's house.

Perhaps he knew Chrystal would prove more reliable than a host of domestics. Her genius for housekeeping for perfect housekeeping does imply ge nius had been proven. Fresh, breezy and blowy was the after noon.

Charleston West Virginia oap sex chat

Delicious drifts of sunshine and tantalizing shadows followed each other in bewildering repetition. Within tic house there was no sound. The only in- j H ates were Chrystal and her mother, j The latter was writing letters in her own! But, alas, for the vanity of human resolves!

At that moment the belt rang. Who ran that be? Hastily she thrust a silver pin through j the deep fall of creamy lisse at her ; throat, tucked away a couple of rebellious curls under the braided coil of her Charleston West Virginia oap sex chat hair, and went out of her room aud down the stair" bhc opened the. To Miss Stokes of j all women! A spinster of an age decidedly beyond that known as uncertain was Miss Stokes. Her periodical visits were invariably long, in variably gossipy, invariably tiresome.

The Bruntons had known her for many years. She was one of those formidable and familiar specters: A friend of the family," and she was, therefore, entitled to toleration, if not to exalted regard. Half-past four! A quarter past five! They were obliged to pass quite close to the house, and one of them, a tall, mus- t ular young fellow, with pleasant black eyes, white teeth, aud the sunniest of j smiles, paused by a window which a great old cherry-tree shaded, a window that was low and open. Tom Ililton, inificant of stature, but linieally correct as to costume,turned his head in the direction indicated.

He puckered his lips. His small blue eyes twinkled. Hilton looked on enviously. He swallowed the sweet mor sel and boldly extracted another. I say. His scruples were quite gone. Dick's enjoyment of the tarts had been too much for him. Hunger had conquered conscience. He made an onslaught on the shrinking pyramid. He captured two tarts which he devoured in successively distributed and impaitial bites. When five minutes had passed,all the prim little forget-me-nots and primmer little rose buds were visible on the oval dish.

Comically, guiltily, the criminals looked at each other. Then as if moved by one impulse, they put their hauds in their pockets. Dick laid a silver dollar on the plate. Ililton followed suit. After which both conspirators took up their guns, aid, shakirg with laughter, ran across a vacant lot, around a corner, jumped into their waiting bug gy, and drove rapidly into town.

It was a quarter to six before that victimizing visitor made her welcome adieus. Into the dining room flew Miss Brun ton, pushed out the table, whisked off the velours cover, spread on the cloth of milk white damask, took the solid silver from its chamois wrappings,and brought the company china from its seclusion under the sideboard.

Charleston West Virginia oap sex chat

Then she put on a big nainsook apron, weut into the kitchen, brightened the tire, hurried to the buttery, carried the meat into the dining room, and went back for the tarts. Where had they vanished! There was the dish! But the tarts! She stood still and rubbed her eyes.

Stolen, beyond a doubt. The face that was so sweet, and youth ful and sunny souled, if not positively pretty, grew scarlet from brow to chin. Oh, it was too bad! After all her trou ble, too. Who could have taken them?

Charleston West Virginia oap sex chat

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