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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Date FEB 27 Some said that a belt was looped around the steering wheel, others that a necktie was hanging from the inside mirror. One witness stated that he saw a silver-dollar-sized blood spot under the steering wheel.

The FBI continued its investigation until May The FBI interviewed in excess of witnesses, and conducted multiple scuba searches and forensic tests, resulting in a case file of about s. The Olds had no law enforcement emblems, but it did have two rear whip antennae and a red dashboard light.

The traffic stop was on the Vidalia-Ferriday Highway, east of the bowling alley, i. An extensive investigation determined that the only local law enforcement agency that used a Olds with two rear antennae was the VPD. But several witnesses stated that the VPD officers, particularly subject Spinks, had one or more portable flashing red lights that could be mounted on the dashboard.

Ultimately, the exhaustive investigation did not definitively determine what happened to Edwards. But the overwhelming weight of the evidence strongly points to the XXXXXXX incident as the precipitating event and to the named subjects as perpetrators, particularly the members of the SDG.

The investigation has produced no credible evidence implicating any other subjects, and all of the named subjects are deceased as is the XXXXXXXX who provided Black whores in natchez ms most important lead. Thus, this matter should be closed. The current FBI investigation has been criticized in local media for reportedly failing to include interviews of important witnesses, some of whom are now deceased.

Black whores in natchez ms

Manhein did not unearth any relevant physical evidence. Most importantly, however, all of the individuals who had the most specific and potentially useful information not only ly provided it, sometimes repeatedly, but their information also points only to the deceased named subjects as the culprits.

Black whores in natchez ms

And, as mentioned ly, there is a lack of credible evidence implicating anyone else. Although those interviews were conducted between andthe relevant summaries will be incorporated in this section so that they can add to or can be contrasted with the original interviews. It should be noted that some of the information contained in the Sentinel series is not supported and some of it is outright contradicted by the s FBI investigation.

She said that she last saw Edwards on July 4,at the home of her grandparents in Clayton, Louisiana. She did Black whores in natchez ms hear from him again. She returned to Clayton in October and it was then that she learned he had been missing for several months. XXXXX said that Edwards told her that he had been in fights with white men but he did not identify the men or explain the nature of the disagreements. The FBI followed up on this lead but learned nothing of value.

Warren Tool. At about p. Edwards repaired the flat and that same evening at around p. At the time, Edwards was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and dress pants. He was interviewed a third time in March XXXXXXX was driving west on the highway, when he was passed by a late model, likelywhite Oldsmobile, that had two antennae on the trunk deck. The Olds had no law enforcement emblems on it. The Olds passed the Buick and used a flashing red light on the dashboard to force the Buick to pull over at a location east of the highway crossover leading to the bowling alley. The man was wearing a green sport shirt, possibly plaid, and no hat.

The Buick was then moved to a road adjacent to the bowling alley parking lot, where it remained even longer than at the prior location. Ogden did not make a record of the complaint or examine the car. XXXX stopped and looked through the window. He saw a necktie over the mirror, and an old shirt and belt on the back seat. NPD Chief J. There was no blood, broken glass, bullet holes, or other evidence of violence.

Robinson could not recall whether he looked at the car near the Plaza Club next to the bowling alley in Ferriday or at the gas station. He did not see any blood stains, but he did see a lot of mud on the floor. XXXXX said that he saw a necktie and mud on the front seat. The teletype indicated further that the keys were not in the car, but it did not mention anything else of relevance. The Shamrock employment records indicate that Edwards started work there on June 8, She looked into the pool and saw her son at the bottom. An African-American Shamrock employee jumped into the pool afterwards, but he could not swim so she helped him out.

The employee was a busboy from the coffee shop and only 15 or 16 years old. Several other men were present, but it was a young black Shamrock kitchen employee who jumped into the pool. Ogden stated that he saw a slender black man standing near the pool, who might have been Edwards. The guest declined. On the other hand, Edwards had worked at the Shamrock for only about a month and a half when he disappeared. Edwards was caught entering the room of a white female Shamrock guest and Edwards dated white women. A white female guest had reportedly called the reception and asked for something XXXXXX did not know the specifics to be brought to her room.

Edwards brought the requested item to the room, obtained permission to enter the room and, when he did so, saw that the guest was naked. He immediately left the room. A white man entered the room without having seen Edwards exit, but shortly thereafter came out and stared at Edwards. He recalled that sometime before Edwards disappeared, Edwards came to the rear door of the kitchen and said that he had entered a guest room and something provoked the male guest to point a pistol at him. That same night, Edwards, who was off-duty and needed a shave, asked that one of the kitchen employees go to the bar and get him a bottle of whiskey.

XXXXXX specified further that he had no knowledge of any white woman Edwards might have dated or made advances toward. He also told her that he had been caught with a white woman in a room while working at a hotel in Natchez. She recalled him working at the Shamrock, but she stated that he never Black whores in natchez ms dating white women or being involved in prostitution.

According to XXXXXXX, one afternoon, she had left the switchboard and was heading toward the restroom when Edwards put an arm around her and attempted to kiss her on the lips. One of the men was wearing an NPD uniform; a second man was from the VPD, although she could not remember whether the man was wearing a uniform. XXXXXXX added that a third man may have been with the officers, but she did know whether the man was a police officer. XXXXXXX also claimed that she did not recall whom she was dating at the time and denied that she had ever dated a police officer.

She claimed that she had not Black whores in natchez ms telling Goss in her first interview because she knew that Goss was married. XXXXXXX said that, shortly after telling Goss about the incident, she asked him whether he had reported it to the police, and he said that he had not. XXXXXXX also added that the two officers who interviewed her specified that it had been a law enforcement officer who reported to them that she had been assaulted. When she recounted the incident with Edwards, they told her it was always best to report such incidents.

She started working at the Jefferson Davis Hospital in Natchez. At one point, Goss told her that Edwards was no longer at the Shamrock. She said to Goss that she thought she had seen Edwards in a passing car. Goss did not reply but turned red. Sometime later, Goss said to her that he bet that she would not be seeing Edwards any more.

He also told her that he had been questioned by the FBI and told them that he only knew Edwards as a porter. She denied that she ever made a date with Edwards to lure him, or that Goss had ever suggested doing so. Edwards told her that he would leave town if she did make the report. The next day, she spoke to the FBI a fifth time. When she cautioned him, he would state that she ought to know him better than that. Both men stopped their cars and talked for a while. He also could not recall if there were any other officers present, or the subject matter of the interview.

The waitress had reported the insult to her boyfriend, an NPD officer. Some two or three months later, the XXX learned that Edwards had disappeared and his car had been abandoned. Before Ogden could arrest Edwards, Edwards jumped from his car and ran over the levee. At the time of the incident, Ogden drove a grey Plymouth.

XXXXXX stated that when Spinks offered him the patrolman position, he initially turned it down because he was getting paid better at his job in the Shamrock Lounge. XXXXXXX lied and said that it involved getting mud samples for a government agency, and gave the location of the operation as one considerably distant from the actual location. You had me worried for a while. The four men were never charged, but they were held overnight and interrogated in the Ferriday jail. Additionally, DeLaughter and Ogden beat the other men.

The next morning, DeLaughter transported all four men in his patrol car to the parish jail in Vidalia. Spinks appeared very concerned by the inquiry and was later hospitalized.

Black whores in natchez ms

A of Shamrock employees stated that they saw one or more of the subjects at the motel. There are no other references in the Edwards FBI file to rumors of Edwards, specifically, being skinned alive or any evidence of it happening. In his first interview, Goss stated that in Marchhe started working out of the Tallulah Office of the Louisiana Department of Public Welfare, as a probation officer.

Every Thursday night, he spent the night in one of three motels, the Shamrock in Vidalia being his first choice. The first night Goss ever stayed at the Shamrock, Goss met Edwards. Goss opined that Edwards had just started working there. XXXXXXX told Goss that she was passing through a back storage room of the motel office, when Edwards grabbed her by the arms and kissed her on the lips.

She screamed and Edwards ran out of the office. Goss stated that he thought the incident had occurred either the same night she recounted it or the night before. Goss admitted that he was angry with Edwards and would have beaten him if he had found him. Spinks told Goss that he would look into it. Goss saw subjects DeLaughter and Ogden at the courthouse but he did not mention the incident to anyone other than Spinks.

Black whores in natchez ms

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