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It describes our values, hopes and desires for Avonmore.

Big Avonmore

This document is not an official document enforceable by the City of Big Avonmore, rather it is a collaborative vision that outlines the hopes and desires of the Avonmore community. The geographic scope of this document will be limited to the Avonmore neighborhood boundary as identified by the City of Edmonton. The Avonmore Vision will focus on broad areas of interest that are important to the community rather than specific initiatives.

The vision supports the direction of the plans and policies in place by the City of Edmonton and invites collaboration and engagement with proposed plans and projects. Big change is coming and we need to be organized when we come to the table if we want to shape that change. Avonmore and the surrounding neighborhoods are experiencing changes to their urban fabric, such as the development of the Valley Line Southeast LRT and new multi-unit development proposals.

These changes are directed by the goals of the city plan and aim to increase density, housing supply, and accessibility to all neighborhoods in Edmonton. The Avonmore Vision AV communications and engagement plan is a working document that may be subject to change based on community and stakeholder feedback.

Big Avonmore

All of Avonmore needs to have a conversation about our values, hopes and fears. Avonmore is a diverse community with residents of different backgrounds and in different stages of life. We also host businesses, schools, and places of worship. us at Vision avonomre. Address.

Big Avonmore

We're starting out in front of the Community Hall. We'll move after a week or so, let us know where Facebook Twitter Instagram. Follow Follow. Take The Survey.

Big Avonmore

Why do we need a Vision? Why Now? How do we make a Vision? The first phase, from May to June, is to just ask some simple questions and see what you tell us. We hope you complete a survey, post on our social media or write on our big idea boards. This will give us some basic values and set the course for the rest of the project. The second phase July to August will take a deeper dive on hot topics and flesh out what we heard in phase one. the Conversation! Have a question? Something to share?

Want us to contact you Big Avonmore next phase is ready?

Big Avonmore Big Avonmore

email: [email protected] - phone:(486) 392-3155 x 3867

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